On-screen Digitising from Satellite Imagery using QGIS 1.8.0

Updated 05/07/2013

The aim of this tutorial is to equip students with digitising skills so that they can be able to; create new point, line and polygon features from satellite imagery in QGIS, change the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) and projection, edit, save and load digitised data, correct digitising errors such as undershoot, overshoot, sliver polygons and others, edit the size, colours and labels of digitised features.

Keywords: Digitisation, QGIS, topology, points, polygons, lines.

Size: 6.28 Mb

Interpolation: Creating a Digital Elevation Model in the open-source software QGIS.

Updated 9/1/2013

The aim of this tutorial is to provide the user/analyst with a basic step by step methodology on how to interpolate and/or rasterize vector data containing 3D information according to height in the open source software Quantum GIS (QGIS).

Keywords: Digital elevation models, DEM, Interpolation.

Size: 994 Kb

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