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In the name of data democracy, to drive innovation and research, the Department of Science and Technology provides funds to SANSA which enables us to distribute data free of cost to students. From 2009 to 2013 hard drives called 'FUNDISA Disks' were sent to universities with an assortment of data. This site was designed with the hope of reaching even more students.

Available Data

We have satellite images that are freely available to students. Among them are all SumbandilaSat, Spot, and Landsat images in raw format. These can be ordered through the SANSA catalogue. Processing images to a orthorectified level still involves manual labour and therefore has a fee linked to it. Luckily we have large datasets that have already been processed and can be distributed freely to you. Find out about them through the SANSA Web map apps. on the Explorer page.

The Fundisa Student Portal

Order imagery from the SANSA Earth Observation catalogue through the link to your left under "Available Data" or view some of our funded data sets through the web mapping applications on our Explorer page. Register with the Community to ask our team of experts for support on the Fundisa Disk or any other questions on a variety of earth observation topics.

About | The Fundisa Initiative

In 2009 the CSIR Satellite Applications Centre (SAC) began the Fundisa disk initiative. This initiative was aimed at providing higher learning institutions with remote sensing data and tools to support their research and learning goals in earth observation fields. Following the adoption of CSIR into SANSA Earth Observation in 2011, the directorate began focusing on more than just providing data to students and educators. The Fundisa Student Portal was created to: (1) assist research and learning by providing useful information, links and course material in earth observation, (2) enable communication between students and our earth observation team through a community web forum, and (3) inspire, excite and leverage research and learning through web mapping applications and other technologies. At SANSA Earth Observation we continuously strive to improve on the student portal. We hope you will join us in the community web forum to not only post questions but also share your ideas and suggestions.

- The SANSA Earth Observation Team